The Dance with Destiny

The Dance Begins

It Begins

Gathered in their youth these young boys and girl have been trained for one purpose, To Keep the world in balance. After completing as much training as they could it was time for their final test, to see if they could survive in battle. after selecting their first mission and deciding on a name they set out. their first mission was to look into the disturbance in a mine to the south. after reaching the mine they fount that not all was as it would see. orcs had overrun the mine. after walking through the mine killing the orcs they could find they cleared the mine and had one prisoner an orc, starving and whipped almost to death but speaking common. The orc after being revived a little informed them that he and his kin had been enslaved down here, when asked by who he replyed with one word Humans.


Luminoch Luminoch

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